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Alessandro Di Pietro

Via Carlo Farini 35,
20159 Milano
328 27 30 531

scarica il CV/Portfolio

Considering the limits of the space of my own action is the only way to act. I have to continuously produce variations within these limits, by employing every time a different process of creation of the work. I commit myself to a protocol that delivers me the rules for expressive restraint and distills a mechanical, reiterated and even speculative way of working. It is often the case that, while working on a specific piece, the production wastes of the main project happen to become independent parallel pieces. I think that these scraps and fragments are potential projects themselves as the potentiality of an artistic project comes not only before the realization of the structure of the piece, but even before the first formalization of the idea that informs the project. This primordial element beyond rational control needs to be constantly “ruminated” in order to extend it to entire construction of the piece. The uncontrollable unformed idea becomes then a transversal factor of the fulfilment of the art “work”. This condition of permanent rumination lies on stratifications of failures or accumulations of objects that progressively become catalogues; it also comes from the act of cutting out things from their context or from the reiteration of a single gesture. This repetition allows me to set up new concrete landscapes and to develop a sort of “empirical geography”, drawn through self-directed measuring acts such as my presence or passage in a physical place.

In this respect, I ask myself: “Am I probably working on a personal measurement strategy?”-