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Ambra Pittoni

Born: 29/03/1978

in: Borgomanero (Italy)

Address: Reichenbergerstr.117 10999 Berlin, Germany

Address 2: Via Domenico Savio 30 28021 Borgomanero, Novara, Italy

I conceive my works as maps in which several process are activated simultaneously: observation, study, sharing, experiencing and learning. My practice is based on my relation to what surround me: I look for the secret threads that link things apparently very different each from the other.
Each of my work develops as a rhizome, involving in parallel various disciplines, approaches and reflections attempts, maps of actions, documents and objects; merging with existence, mine and of participants’: audience, stakeholders who influence the course of events and the final form that the work will take. Therefore I conceive my works as a constant occurrence, so that a performance or a project may extend over time, sometimes over several years.
The trace, understood as an incomplete information set, is for me particularly important. I build traces of human actions:
of dance, of a piece of art, of a language, of an opinion, of an interview. A series of clues that suggest what happened before, without describing it but rather leaving the space to the imagination of the interlocutor.
Therefore I question spectatorship and the role of art in today world. My education in fine arts, dance, dramatic arts and multimedia, makes my work being the result of a continuous dialogue and breaching of disciplinary boundaries.
The works’selection I sent you, presents both my and Ze Coeupel’s works(the name of the collaboration between me and the french artist Paul-Flavien Enriquez-Sarano).
“From the disaster to desire, for the beauty of the gesture. The poet Rainer Maria Rilke said that the “depth of time” was revealed more in human gestures than in archeological remains or in fossilized organisms . The gesture is a “fossil of movement” : it is at the same time, the very mark of the fleeting present and of desire in which our future is formed. It is therefore not by chance if the Mnemosyne atlas appears first of all like a collection o gestures in the “pathos formulae”, said Warburg, “time becomes visible”. Numerous artists today put to work, like poetanthropologists, this memory and desiring power- affirmative, amorous-of the gesture.”
From “Atlas: how to carry the world on one’s back” from the exhibition catalogue, G.Didi-Hubermann

scarica il Portfolio

"Blessed", è la parola con cui Tim Rollins ha iniziato il primo giorno.
Direi che tutta l'esperienza abbia avuto a che fare con la fede, intesa in modo molto
ampio. Il processo, instaurato da Tim, ha fatto si che le idee e le cose siano circolate
tra noi in maniera osmotica, modificando il modo di condividere e di relazionarsi al
proprio lavoro e a quello degli altri. Con la presenza di Angel Abreu e Rick Savinon,
che lavorano con Tim Rollins da circa 30 anni, lo spazio della fondazione è diventato
un prolungamento del loro studio. C'è stata anche molta protezione, consigli e
profonda stima reciproca. "Work hard, Play hard, Pray hard" è stato il modo con cui
Tim ha concluso, l'ultima sera in un incontro a tu per tu, che aveva deciso di avere con
ognuno di noi, mentre ci dondolavamo sulle sedie bianche, delle quasi "rocking
chairs"... Inoltre, la Fondazione è stato un luogo di vera accoglienza e vera cura,
intesa nel senso pragmatico della costruzione degli ambienti, della nutrizione, delle
relazioni che permette di intrecciare e coltivare, costruendo lo spessore delle cose
importanti. Grazie Guido, Gail, Gianluca e a tutti coloro che hanno contribuito a questi