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Vivere senza paura

Scritti per Mario Bortolotto
Edited by Jacopo Pellegrini and Guido Zaccagnini
Torino, EDT 2007

Composers very often need a few fellow travellers who understand and support them, who are their defenders and, in some way, their spokesperson. Whether they need solace or encouragement, or careful consideration, they are sure to find this support at their side, near enough but at the meantime no so close as to fall into a mirror-effect which is more noxious than useful. This is what Mario Bortolotto has been and still is: we can warmly thank him for this.
Pierre Boulez

A book which is, first of all, a daring task patronized by a small group of friends and admireres ready to submit their work to Mario Bortolotto’s notoriously harsh judgement.
In this undertaking not only musicians and musical critics are involved, but also storytellers, literature and art scholars; so, alongside the brief greeting messages, pages of “beatiful prose” appear, as well as unpublished musical works and well pondered essays. From all this comes a historical and cultural survey extended from Orazio to the American minimalism, from sixteenth- and eighteenth-century Italian painting to Puškin, from Janequin to Dino Campana. A special emphasis is placet, of corse, on the great (and not-so-great also) European music of the last two centuries. Evident loves and secret passione, and in some case also subjects unrelated to the polychrome interests of the dedicatee. One cannot discard the hypothesis that under the surface of some of these works lies a kind of devilish surge of pride: challenge and emulation, as everybody knows, are always the first mainspring of every creative act. The golden saying by Adorno (Bortolotto’s ideal guide spirit) which entitles the volume points out indeed to the courage of venturing. It’ll be the readers’ and dedicatee’s duty to establish whether the authors of these writing succeded in catching on the page the outermost enigmas of knowledge.

Vivere senza paura


Esploratore del suono, «La Gazzetta di Parma», 2 febbraio 2008
Giuseppe Martini

Il turbine intelligente, «Classic Voice», dicembre 2007
Guido Zaccagnini

Assetato di luce greca, «L'Indice dei libri del mese», novembre 2007
Alberto Rizzuti

Da Metastasio al jazz, vivere senza paura, «La Stampa», 4 agosto 2007
Giorgio Pestelli

Mario Bortolotto, se ora la musica è solo un déjà vu, «La Repubblica», 27 luglio 2007
Antonio Gnoli

Mario Bortolotto, festa per gli 80 anni, «La Repubblica», 30 giugno 2007

Roberto Prosseda al Festival Pontino, «Il Corriere della Sera», 23 giugno 2007
Oreste Bossini